• Red fluorescent nanodiamonds containing NV centers with varying size and brightness delivered as 1mg/ml slurries in DI water or isopropanol.
  • Particles with high  (Hi), Medium (Md) and Low (Lw) relative brightness are provided.  Hi brightness FNDs contain up to 3ppm NV-minus centers, Md contain 1-2 ppm NV-minus centers and Lw contain < 1 ppm of NV-minus centers based upon Electron Paramagnetic (EPR) measurements.
  • For small particles the average number of NV- centers per particle are provided based on photon correlation spectroscopy (g2-function) measurements.
  • Sizes include 10nm, 20nm, 30nm, 40nm, 90nm, 100nm, 120nm and 140nm.
  • Amphoteric surface groups (COOH, OH, Ketones, ethers, hydrogen.


  • Green Fluorescent Nanodiamonds
  • 1 mg/ml in DI water
  • Functionalized nanodiamond solutions with a variety of functionalization agents including, OH, COOH, Biotin and Streptavidin
  • 1 and 150 micron sized Fluorescent Micro diamond (FMD).  High brightness with polyfunctional surface.  Good stability in DI water.  Both red and green versions available.  Available as a powder - water suspensions (1mg/ml) available upon request.

HPHT 15 micron particles with ~150ppm of nitrogen (yellow powder) was irradiated (green powder, available upon request) and annealed to create NV centers (pink powder). This powder also contains NVN centers (green fluorescence) and therefore can emit 2 colors (upon blue or green excitation, correspondingly).

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