• Red fluorescent nanodiamonds containing NV centers with varying size and brightness delivered as 1mg/ml slurries in DI water or isopropanol.
  • Particles with high  (Hi), Medium (Md) and Low (Lw) relative brightness are provided.  Hi brightness FNDs contain up to 3ppm NV-minus centers, Md contain 1-2 ppm NV-minus centers and Lw contain < 1 ppm of NV-minus centers based upon Electron Paramagnetic (EPR) measurements.
  • For small particles the average number of NV- centers per particle are provided based on photon correlation spectroscopy (g2-function) measurements.
  • Sizes include 10nm, 20nm, 30nm, 40nm, 90nm, 100nm, 120nm and 140nm.
  • Amphoteric surface groups (COOH, OH, Ketones, ethers, hydrogen).




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