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  • Red fluorescent nanodiamonds containing NV centers with varying size and brightness delivered as 1mg/ml slurries in DI water or isopropanol.
  • Particles with high  (Hi), Medium (Md) and Low (Lw) relative brightness are provided.  Hi brightness FNDs contain up to 3ppm NV-minus centers, Md contain 1-2 ppm NV-minus centers and Lw contain < 1 ppm of NV-minus centers based upon Electron Paramagnetic (EPR) measurements.
  • For small particles the average number of NV- centers per particle are provided based on photon correlation spectroscopy (g2-function) measurements.
  • Sizes include 10nm, 20nm, 30nm, 40nm, 90nm, 100nm, 120nm and 140nm.
  • Amphoteric surface groups (COOH, OH, Ketones, ethers, hydrogen)


  • 70nm/120nm/140nm Green fluorescent nanodiamonds containing NVN centers with varying size and brightness delivered as 1 mg/ml slurries in DI water.
  • Amphoteric surface groups (COOH, OH, ketones, ethers, hydrogen)


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Fluorescent nanodiamonds with a variety of chemical and biological surface treatments.


ND containing NV (red FL) and NVN (green FL) centers are conjugated with biotin and streptavidin through polyethelene glycol (PEG) linker via robust and stable amide bonds. Biotynalated products can be shipped in PBS (stabilized with BSA), ethanol or DMF (as 1mg/ml); conjugates with streptavidin are shipped in PBS (stabilized with BSA). Other particle sizes can be available upon request. Lead time 2-3 weeks. Shipped packaged with ice.

  • Micron-sized fluorescent diamond (from 1 micron to 150 micron fractions), high and medium brightness, polyfunctional surface; good colloidal stability in DI water for 1 micron particles.
  • Available as 50mg or 1g powder.
  • Water suspensions (1mg/ml) are available upon request for 1 micron particles.

Slurries of nanodiamond particles are provided for seeding of substrates for CVD diamond film growth. Customers have praised the product quality, particularly the high density of seeds following treatment and corresponding high density of nuclei in the resultant diamond films.

Slurries of detonation nanodiamonds (DND) are available containing fully deaggregated 5nm primary particles as well as tight aggregates of primary particles with different particle sizes.

The characteristic size of primary particles of detonation nanodiamond (DND)is ~ 4-5 nm, however they form tight aggregates during synthesis and purification. In this section, the raw DND powder(not fractionated and not specifically functionalized) is available both with positive zeta potential and negative zeta potential (positive and negative surface electrostatic charge for the particles dispersed in DI water, correspondingly). Sign of the zeta potential depends on the type of surface groups (basic or acidic) and is important for many applications (adsorption of biomolecules, electrophoretic behaviour, electroplating, etc) See other sections (DND slurries) if you are interested in fully deaggregated 5nm particles or small aggregates of DND (10-15nm, 30nm, etc)


ATTENTION CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE OF USA, the products listed below can not be ordered through the website, please contact us directly at sales@adamasnano.com to place an order and get estimate for shipping. For technical questions please contact info@adamasnano.com


See links below for information about size distribution:


Size Distribution Standard DND-M


Size Distribution Standard DND-L



Our new product, Boron Doped Nanodiamonds, contains up to 800ppm of Boron. Email us at info@adamas.com for product availability information.


Oil additives.  Can be used to decrease viscosity which increases mileage and improves engine longevity.  Click for oil additive bench tests.

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