Our Mission:


Adámas is dedicated to development and production of nanodiamond particles with unique properties. Adámas also focuses on their implementation in related applications and discovery of new technologies.


Adámas provides the following nanodiamond products:


  • Fluorescent nanodiamond particles for bioimaging and quantum optics
  • Seeding slurries for diamond film growth
  • Nanodiamond-based nanolubricants
  • Powders of nanodiamond particles with specific selectable surface groups
  • Water based slurries of NDs and customized slurries in organic solvents
  • 5nm monodispersed nanodiamond slurry in water and organic solvents


Please check the products page for items and ordering information.


   Adámas News:

  • Last day to place orders for shipment in 2017 is December 19th.  Please contact us with any questions or special requests.
  • Adámas has introduced a new line of products – ND functionalized with alkyl chains of varying length (DND-Alkyl). Hydrocarbon modified NDs provide colloidal stability in hydrophobic and non-polar solvents, including chloroform, hexanes, toluene, xylene, and dichloromethane, as well as organic electrolytes.
  • Click here to see the full Adámas product catalog.
  • Check out the Fluorescent Nanodiamond and Suspension Products pages for detailed brochures about these products and their applications.
  •  Researchers recently demonstrated megasonic assisted chemical mechanical polishing is a feasible method to improve polishing efficiency and surface quality (Ultrasonics 80 (2017) 9–14). Contact us for availability of slurries of narrow size distributions of nanodiamond particles as small as 5nm.
  • Researchers at Drexel University recently demonstrated that octadecylamine (ODA) modified nanodiamonds suppressed dendrite formation in a lithium-ion battery, significantly improving safety (Nature Communications).  Contact us for availability of ND-ODA
  • Adámas has introduced a new product for polishing semi-precious gemstones.  The new product, DPolish is now available.


   Why Adámas?

  • Adámas has the most diverse nanodiamond products commercially available.
  • Adámas is an industry leader in nanodiamond technology.ᅠ Adámas’s scientists have contributed to over 20 patents and authored over 100 articles on nanodiamond technology.
  • Adámas is a trusted vendor. Nanodiamond products have been supplied to customers from over 20 countries for over 8 years.
  • Adámas has an in-depth understanding of the various nanodiamond applications.ᅠ We have worked with customers to optimize nanodiamond products for: motor oil additivies, sunscreen protection, fluorescent probes, drug delivery, metallurgical applications, improved thermal and mechanical properties of ND-containing composites.

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